Review from The Irish Food Dude

We recently came across a lovely review of The Curlew Café on The Irish Food Dude’s Blog. We would like to say thanks to him for the lovely review:

“Along a picturesque country road, overlooking Mulroy Bay stands The Curlew Cafe & Crafts. It is a beautiful old building with a purple door and flowers spilling onto the stone steps and is inviting no matter what the season. In summer it is lovely to sit in the back yard amongst the wild flowers and drink white wine in the sun. In Autumn and Winter the house has a feeling of sanctuary and cosiness, with the wild Atlantic rain battering the windows from outside while peat burns on the open fire in the main room.

The proprietors Nuala and Packie grow, catch and bake everything that is served in The Curlew. The number one dish for me is the Lobster Salad with Home Grown Leaves. The flavour and freshness is a sensation. Every morning Packie goes out in his small boat to catch the lobster and crab for the day, while Nuala bakes the brown bread to go with it. Their own garden and locally sourced organic produce do the rest.

The Curlew Club Sandwich is one of the best I’ve ever tried. Again, those organic herbs make all the difference. I love it on toasted white bread with a cup of tea. They also do a mean seafood chowder. Hanging around the house are local crafts including photographs, jewelery and art that make nice presents. Check this place out, you won’t be disappointed.”

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